Thoughts on the train – Jennie Punter

Yesterday, on her way to Montreal, Jennie Punter (Variety) – one of our guest critic – wrote a little something for us on the train!

En route from Toronto to Montreal, the sky is blue and the St. Lawrence River is sparkling outside my window as I head toward RIDM. Soon I’ll be sitting in the dark, watching world-class documentaries so I better enjoy the sun now.  

Tonight I finally get a chance to see Peter Mettler’s End of Time, which I missed when it screened at the Toronto film festival. The truth is, I see more films when I attend a festival that is not in my hometown. In recent years, TIFF and Hot Docs have become events where I am chasing down producers and writing up news by day and maybe squeezing in one film at night. (Not to mention the responsibilities of home life!) 

And so I am delighted to make my first visit to RIDM, where there is no laundry to be done and only films to be watched and, I fully expect, plenty of lively, intelligent conversation.

I plan to catch as many films as possible in the Canadian Feature Competition program and, in particular, cannot wait to see Le Chant Des Ondes by the talented Caroline Martel of Fantome de l’operatrice renown.


Jennie Punter

The End of Time de Peter Mettler – Film d’ouverture