Entrevue avec Brad Bernstein

À l’occasion de la projection de Far Out Isn’t Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story aux RIDM, nous en avons profité pour poser quelques questions à son réalisateur, Brad Bernstein. 

RIDM: How would you describe your film’s character, Tomi Ungerer, in a few words? 

Brad Bernstein : Tomi is subversive, perverse and an agent provocateur of the first order! 


How was your relationship with him during the shooting? 

B.B. :  The relationship certainly grew over time but there was always a mutual respect and a desire by us both to capture him unfiltered, flaws and all.

His drawings are very much part of the documentary, which integrates a lot of animation. Was he involved in that creative process? 

B.B. : Tomi was not involved in the creative process at all. However, I always assured him I would not alter his lines, colors or the original intent of his drawings. And we stuck to that as if it was law. Ultimately, he was quite happy with how the animations turned out, which meant a lot to us considering he is extremely particular about his art, as you can imagine.

How does he like the film? 

B.B. : He told me it was the first time in his life that he was able to watch himself on film/television, that he wasn’t embarrassed or unhappy or anxiety-ridden through it. He said he felt like he was watching someone else’s life story and was mesmerized.